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Frieze Carpet: A New “Twist” on an Old Favorite

If you’re interested in adding beauty and allure to your home with a new carpet, then you probably already know by now that there are so many different options to choose from. Textures, loops, patterns, designs, colors, and more — the choices can be overwhelming and at times, even confusing. 

At R&N Carpet, we can help. We’re the professional sales and carpet installation company serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties, and we understand that you want the carpet option that’s perfect for your home and interior décor. So let’s take it slow and talk about one of the more unique types: frieze carpets.  

What Is Frieze?

Frieze is also known as twisted carpet as consists of long, high twisted fibers. They have a pleasantly uneven and tufted appearance to their surface. In fact, in many styles of frieze, the fibers even begin to curl back onto themselves. 

Frieze carpet is often compared to its similar predecessor, shag carpet. But this isn’t your parents’ or grandparents’ typical shag. Frieze offers a fresh new take on the old shag style. Whereas traditional shag had thick strands and a bulky look, frieze features skinny strands that give it a leaner and thinner look. 

What Are the Benefits?

One of the most significant advantages of frieze carpet is its durability. Since the strands of this carpet type are typically laying on their sides, they withstand impact far better than carpets with fiber standing straight up, which eventually get tamped down after years of use. Additionally, frieze carpet endures “blooming,” which is when the fibers begin to untwist at the tips. 

Frieze carpet is also perfect for hiding tracks from vacuums or foot traffic, due to its curly and twisted surface. It’s also ideal for hiding dirt as well, especially with mottles color options. And because of frieze’s relaxed and casual style, it’s a great choice for kid’s bedrooms and family rooms. And because there’s generally no visible trace of their seams, frieze carpets are excellent for hallways and stairs with railing posts.


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